deadtention title

Brighton Hall’s students pursue a number of creative projects, both as community service projects and just for fun.

Our Intro to Screenwriting Club wrote, directed and produced this short horror film, titled “DEADTENTION”

imbalancing act

Our Student Council partners with the international nonprofit, a student-driven organization that encourages youngsters to involve themselves in projects to benefit their own communities and the world at large. Our projects have been distributed around the world to engage other, like-minded students, into reaching beyond what they believe their limitations might be. Some of these projects include the following:
As our students have a focus on teens and mental health issues, our Student Council wrote, produced and directed a short film on the subject, “The Imbalancing Act,” thanks to a successful Go Fund Me campaign. The film has been viewed more than 50,000 times on
different platforms.

h20 audio

Thanks to a substantial grant from Allstate Insurance for our community service efforts, our Student Council also wrote, directed and recorded a radio play, “H20”, using live sound effects. This project was to raise awareness of the scarcity of clean drinking water around the world, and to raise enough funds to build a water well in an African village.

You can listen to the “H20” here:

xen zone

“The Zen Zone” was a Student Council project to help our anxious or stressed students find a quiet moment for themselves. Here’s a link to the short film they created to send out to other schools who might want to do something similar:

Other annual Student Council activities include:

  • a Supply drive for Hope Mills, a nonprofit that distributes backpacks with personal supplies to Los Angeles’ homeless population.
  • Operation Gratitude, wherein we collect leftover Halloween candy to donate to a nonprofit that prepares care packages for U.S. soldiers overseas.
  • a Supply drive for donations of non-perishable goods for the San Fernando Valley Food Bank.

We also hold a Student Council sponsored “Open Mic Nite” where students can perform new or untried material – song, dance, stand up, etc – in a cafe setting for parents and students.