Mission & Values

Brighton Hall provides a transformative education that fosters critical thinking and creativity while promoting compassion and empowering students in a nurturing and inclusive environment.

Brighton Hall is a small school dedicated to empowering students to value and respect each other’s unique qualities and talents. We are committed to promoting academic, social, emotional, and personal excellence.

Brighton Hall prides itself on its flexibility. We understand that many of our students seek a school experience that is different from a traditional public school model, and our school accommodates by providing a shortened day, flexible scheduling, and online access to classroom materials.

In the classroom, our teachers implement technology regularly to engage students and differentiate lessons. Students practice independence and organization, preparing them for the future, through the use of classroom technology and our online portal, Jupiter Ed. Jupiter Ed also facilitates effective communication between teachers, students, and parents. Students and parents are regularly able to monitor classroom activities and individual performance, along with upcoming assignments and assessments.

Brighton Hall’s core curriculum is UC-certified, WASC-accredited, and meets California state A-G graduation requirements.

Our Mission