Message from the Director

Angie Perris

For more than fifty years, Brighton Hall has provided a first class education to aspiring and professional performers, independent learners and creative youngsters.

From actors to athletes, from singers to skaters, from scientists to poets, Brighton Hall has welcomed all kinds of young minds, and watched them graduate with full hearts that value curiosity, cherish integrity and strive for justice.

Preparing a student to meet the challenges of the 21st century is a task I take very seriously. Primary and secondary education has been upended by social upheaval and public health crises in our country; so it is my job to ensure that our students, teachers and staff have every opportunity for the focused learning environment they need in these demanding times.

Our first priority is to prepare students to excel in their fields, in order to become the compassionate leaders and positive role models of tomorrow. Adaptability and flexibility are the keys to our success in that venture.

But we also make sure they have the chance to just be kids, whether it’s through organizing a school dance, an illuminating field trip or a quick game of dodge ball. We want our students to cherish this precious time in their lives, so they remember that their simple achievements can be just as important as the big successes.

I invite you to visit Brighton Hall and see for yourself what makes our school so special!


Angie Peiris

Director of Brighton Hall