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High School
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Brighton Hall high school students continue to mature as they pursue their talents, in and out of the classroom.

Students take on leadership roles as they engage in inquiry-based projects and discussions based on their personal and academic interests. After four years of mentorship, each graduate departs with a strong sense of confidence, self-knowledge, and the ability to succeed in what lies ahead.

Brighton Hall high school courses fluctuate year-to-year with student interest– for example, recent offerings include AP Literature, AP Psychology, and AP U.S. History. All of our courses meet California State Board of Education “A-G” requirements and are UC-certified.


High school courses include:

English Language Arts

• Comparative Literature: British, American, and Global Studies

• College Application and Essay Guidance

• Creative Writing

• AP Language and Composition



• Biology

• Physics

• Chemistry

• Health



• Geometry

• Algebra II

• Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus

• Calculus


Social Studies

• World History

• U.S. Government


Foreign Language

• Spanish I

• Spanish II

• Spanish III



• Musical Theatre

• Yearbook

• Chess