Per BUSD, CDC, L.A. County Public Health Dept and California state dicta


Phase 1 – 100% Distance Learning by Zoom if required by the health department.


Phase 2 – Hybrid Schedule: Monday/Wednesday/Friday attendance one week, followed by Tuesday/Thursday attendance the next week. Students will Zoom with teachers on the alternate days. This ensures that students get to work with all teachers in a classroom setting.


Phase 3 – Full-time schedule of student attendance 5 days a week. Parents have the option of continuing full-time Zoom Distance Learning if they are more comfortable that way.


At all times when students are on campus, the following protocols will be observed:


• Temperatures will be taken in the morning of everyone entering campus.


• Students will be reminded throughout the day to remain socially distant.


• “No Touch” hand sanitizer stations will be located in every classroom and in common areas.


• Desks will be placed 5’-6’ apart.


•  Plexiglass guards will shield administrative desks in office.


• Cloth face masks will be required for everyone on campus. We realize this is very difficult for youngsters and we will try to work with them so they can be as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, there should eventually be an end to this vital necessity. Teachers may additionally use face shields.


• BH requests that the office be notified if a student or anyone in the immediate family has been exposed to Covid-19.  If so, students must study at home for two weeks. Students who have been diagnosed may continue to study at home through Zoom. Jupiter Grades will send a reminder checklist to parents each week on what symptoms to observe before bringing student to campus.


• Students are required to bring their own lunch, personal bottle of hand sanitizers or disinfectant wipes and, most importantly, face masks. They are our best defense against this virus!


• Classroom desks, counters, doorknobs and light switches will be sanitized before classes in the morning, between each class period and at the end of the day.


• Bathrooms will be sanitized before classes in the morning, between each class period and at the end of the day, including wiping down counters, sinks, toilet bowls, toilet paper dispensers, paper towel dispensers, doorknobs and light switches.


• Stairways will be designated “One Way,” following a “clock-wise” traffic flow. Stairway rails will be cleaned throughout day as well.


• Office chairs and desk counters will be cleaned every day. Hand sanitizers will be available in office.


• P.E. classes will be suspended in the gym for the 1st semester. We possibly will have fitness classes out in the park across from the school, with extra staff to keep students safe and socially distant.


• Monster Taco lunch delivery will be suspended for at least the beginning of the year. Students must bring their own lunch. There will be assigned staff and volunteers minding the lunch groups for social distancing. Seating will be distant at common tables and some students will be eating their lunch in classrooms.


• Signage will be posted throughout campus regarding social distancing, hand washing and hand sanitizing. We observe the 3 W’s: Wear a Mask, Wash Your Hands and WAY Over There (6 feet).


• Parents will have access to Burbank Unified School District website for tips on support for social/emotional issues with students.



• Parents and other visitors must be restricted from campus unless absolutely necessary.


• Teachers will have guidelines of how to speak about the virus with students to insure safety but not promote fear or anxiety.


• Parents will be notified immediately if any cases of Covid are diagnosed within the student body or staff. If a student has been exposed to someone else within their families or circle of friends, the student will be asked to quarantine for 14 days before returning to school.


Dear Parents and Students –


We will be SO HAPPY to welcome our students back to campus! We don’t take your presence for granted and want to do everything possible to make sure you stay safe and healthy, so that as soon as this health crisis passes, we are ready to resume in-person classes that are dynamic, exciting and fun.


Accordingly, we are implementing some Covid Protocols and Expectations we ask everyone to follow… So that ALL of us can enjoy normal classes at Brighton Hall again!


Expectations for Parents on Campus Classes

  • Monitor your child daily for symptoms
  • If your child has any symptoms, do not send them to school
  • If your child exhibits symptoms during the day, parents must have a plan for early pickup in place and be reachable by phone
  • Parents must follow all requirements for pickup and drop off procedures
    • Students are to stay in the car until they confirm a temperature reading of 100 degrees or less
    • If a student will be late for school, call the office to have a staff member come to your car to take temperature prior to student stepping on campus
  • Ensure your student comes to school with proper PPE: mask, hand sanitizer (gloves, wipes if preferred)
  • Provide your child with a bagged lunch every day
  • Parents are to drop off their child at the designated drop off location
    • Grades 2-7: alleyway
    • Grades 8 and up: Whitnall Hwy
  • Parents are encouraged to avoid coming onto campus in light of the situation, with the exception of volunteers
  • Should you need to visit the office or meet with a teacher, please call and make an appointment, so that we may minimize the number of people on campus at any one time


Expectations for Parents in Zoom Classes

  • Please communicate with Brighton Hall if your child does not have access to WiFi internet or a laptop
  • Provide your child with a designated space for class that is determined prior to the beginning of the day. We really encourage you to set your child up with a productive work space. Beds are not the best place for this.
  • If you are in the room while your child is in class, please remember
    • Dress appropriately
    • Keep your voice quiet and to a minimum
    • Allow your children to focus on their studies
  • Encourage your child to practice effective habits for success in the classroom
    • Be on time
    • Be organized with materials for class (charge your computer the night before)
    • Come to class with an attitude to engage and learn: Be Present
  • If your child is “in class” but with their microphone and camera off, they are considered absent


Expectations for Students in on Campus Classes

  • Students will adhere to proper pick up and drop off procedures
    • If you are late to school, you must call the office to have a staff member come down to take your temperature prior to coming on campus
  • Students are to wear PPE at all times
  • Students are to stay 6 ft apart from others
  • Students are to follow directional markers to indicate traffic flow between classes
  • Students are to follow teacher’s directions regarding the following:
    • Assigned seats
    • Dismissal and arrival to and from classes
  • Students are to follow a clockwise “traffic flow”
  • Elementary students will be given extra “outside” time during lunch and between classes for fresh air and a chance to remove their masks for awhile. Students will be monitored by staff to assure social distancing
  • Students may only eat lunch in the following places: the cafeteria, designated space in the parking lot, picnic tables under awnings, the gymnasium. Please follow spacing guidelines for shared spaces
  • Seniors:
    • Are allowed to eat lunch in their cars, but this privilege is only extended to seniors
    • Are not to leave the parking lot during lunchtime
  • To minimize the discomfort of wearing masks for long periods of time, our bell schedule will allow a bit extra time in between classes and during lunch when students can remove their masks. All students must be diligent about distancing when they remove their masks outside only


Expectations for Students in Zoom Classes

  • Be on time for class
  • Look presentable: please follow “free dress Friday” attire guidelines
  • Have your materials ready for class: books, homework, etc
  • Cell phones should be silenced and out of view when not required for the lesson
  • Cameras should be on at all times
  • Microphones can be muted when not talking, but teacher expects microphones to be on for class discussions, presentations, and as needed for questions
  • Follow the school honor code for all assignments, including testing procedures: you are to do your own work
  • We encourage you to work at a desk or table space, rather than from your bed
  • If you are “in class” but with your microphone and camera off, you are considered absent
  • If you are absent or unable to attend “live” class, it is your responsibility to watch the recorded class on your own time

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