Clubs and After School Enrichment Programs

A shortened school day doesn’t mean your education ends at 1pm.

At Brighton Hall, we offer students the chance to take part in a broad array of Afterschool Enrichment Programs aimed at captivating every student’s interests. From art to electronics, we invite all students to dive deeper into whatever subject sparks their passion. We also invite ideas for future programs — the lineup is constantly evolving based on student feedback.


Countless studies have demonstrated the positive impact of exercise on mental health, as well as its ability to improve academic performance and overall well-being. Brighton Hall’s fitness program incorporates sports, resistance training, and cardio, for a beneficial brain and body boost.


The mental benefits of playing chess are almost too numerous to mention, but among the most vital are its contributions to memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills. To promote these benefits, Brighton Hall hosts weekly chess matches and yearly tournaments, open to all students.


At Brighton Hall, we believe students learn best when motivated by their own interests, and for many students, no interest is greater than their love for video games. With that in mind, we offer them a class that gives them the chance to program their own games while learning mathematics, art and science.



In many cultures, cooking is celebrated as a brain-enriching activity that promotes multi-tasking and multi-sensory perception. At Brighton Hall, cooking is celebrated as an occasion to make and eat delicious treats.



It’s never too soon to learn mindfulness and peaceful meditation, which is why Brighton Hall students are encouraged to take yoga.  Go from a downward-facing dog to an advanced gomukhasna in no time, either in person or through Zoom!


Brighton Hall places a large emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) and nowhere is that better realized than in the Electronics Club, where students build scale model buildings with animatronic, hand-drawn characters; and they even put on laser light shows for their peers.


Few activities are as broadly enriching as reading, which is why Brighton Hall offers students a structured environment in which to do just that. The Reading Club provides a phone-free, distraction-free, and mind-freeing space to concentrate on books, or to catch up on your classwork.


Sometimes, kids just need to unwind. And for many of them, there’s no better way to relax than by playing their favorite video games. That’s why Brighton Hall offers them the chance to do so with their classmates – and their teachers – who enjoy the chance to bond with students outside a classroom setting.


Brighton Hall’s Student Council strives to enhance not just the school, but the community itself, by spearheading various initiatives aimed at combatting homelessness, drought and more. Guided by their Student Council Advisor, the council has raised money to build a drinking well in Africa, spread awareness of the climate, and create a short film exploring mental health that has been screened at festivals and viewed over 30,000 times on YouTube.


Art is cathartic, provides an emotional release, and offers students the chance to express themselves. The Art Club introduces students to a variety of mediums through which they’re challenged to explore ideas and themselves.


Brighton Hall’s school newspaper, The Brighton Post, is published weekly by a team of students who seek to investigate the workings of the school. Mentored by a veteran of local news, the Post covers school events and community issues, while teaching students to scrutinize news and information.


Each year, Brighton Hall’s yearbook is designed by a dedicated team of students who, along with their teacher mentor, aim to capture and preserve the year’s best memories.